Stefan Karl-Heinz Ehrlich Ph.D.

Visiting Scientist
Phone: 617-573-6016

Stefan received his Bachelor’s degree from the Baden Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in electrical engineering and his Master’s degree and PhD in electrical engineering and computer science from the Technical University of Munich in Germany. In his doctorate, he worked on passive brain-computer interfaces (BCI) for augmentation of human-robot interaction in form of online assessment and adaptation of robotic systems during interactions with humans. Stefan also contributed to research in the domains of easy-to-use wearable EEG-based neurotechnology and music-based closed-loop neurofeedback BCIs for affect regulation. As a visiting scientist in the Simonyan Lab, he focuses on developing and implementing BCIs for the treatment of focal dystonia using non-invasive neurofeedback and real-time transcranial neuromodulation.